Annual Review Process: Performance Assessment (paper) for 1AP & 2AP Senior Development Officers and Senior Program Managers not in Pilot


2017 Process Timeline

Below are the details and timelines for Advancement Professionals (AP) staff members and their managers to assist them in completing the 2016-17 Performance Assessment Process.

By May 12

All Advancement Professional (AP) staff must fill out their summary assessment form and submit their reports directly to their manager with a copy to Melanie Jani (for DUA AP Staff) or Michelle Colacrai (for Divisional AP Staff) by May 12, 2017.

May 15 – June 13

Manager reviews the Performance Reports and reflects on feedback and coaching discussions that occurred with AP staff members throughout the review period. Manager submits the completed Summary Assessment Form which includes a recommended overall rating to their Divisional HR Office and Melanie Jani (for DUA AP Staff) or Michelle Colacrai (for Divisional AP Staff). The Advancement Compensation Committee must review all recommendations before any discussion with AP staff members take place. All managers are to follow their Faculty’s/Division’s approval process prior to submitting their recommendations to the committee.

June 27

Advancement Compensation Committee (ACC) Review Meeting.

By June 30

Compensation to send approved performance ratings to Divisional HR Offices for distribution to Managers.

By July 31

Manager conducts performance discussions and confirms ratings with AP staff members. Manager provides AP staff member with a copy of the Summary Assessment Form. (Employees can provide supervisors with comments in writing about their final assessment). Final signed copies to be saved in the employee file.