Objective Setting for 1AP & 2AP Program Managers (Pilot)

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Goal/Objective Setting is a collaborative process that occurs between a staff member and their manager and should be discussed and agreed upon together. It provides individuals with greater clarity on expectations and increases engagement by creating a connection between their own work and a Division’s strategic objectives. As the year progresses and changes to the objectives and expectations occur, further refinement to the plans can be made.

To assist Advancement Professional – Program Managers and their managers in completing the Objective Setting Pilot process the Halogen software tool will be used. The Halogen software will:

  • Support employees, managers and Human Resources in the overall facilitation of the process
  • Allow for the online recording of employee’s goals/objectives and professional development activities using online workflows
  • Allow employees to track their progress against their objectives throughout the year and record changes, barriers, and successes towards completion of the agreed upon objectives
  • Allow for online storage of documents by employees that support their performance planning for the review period.
  • Allow for year-long access with the ability for employees and managers to capture their objective/goals and accomplishments online.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of physical paper storage and manual paper based processing.
  • Support better institutional reporting and a one stop shop for employees with respect to employee goal/objective setting and development

Paper Objective Setting Form for Reference