January 2017: Payroll Pointers

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!

Additional Tax Credits &  TD1 Form

Just a reminder, for employees who request additional tax credits in 2017, a new TD1 form should be submitted to your department prior to the first pay in January 2017.

This form can be downloaded from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website. Links to CRA forms can be found on HR & Equity’s Forms webpage.

New Legislative Rates

Employees who maxed out Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) deductions in 2016 will have deductions started from January’s pay in 2017. More information can be found on the Statutory (Legislated) and Other Deductions webpage.

Tax Slip Consent Program

Since 2015, all active employees have had access to their electronic tax slips through the enhanced Employee Self-Service (ESS). At this time, the T4 Tax Slip Consent Program was launched in March 2016.

Employees who submitted consent through ESS, who were newly hired, who returned to work, or who renewed their employment contract after March 2016, will no longer receive the paper T4 slip if their employment remains active in February 2017.

Read more about the Tax Slip Consent Program.

Do we have your correct address?

In order to have the correct delivery address showing on the T4/T4A slip(s), it is important to notify the Payroll office if you will be moving or have moved in 2016.

Students who updated addresses in ROSI will also need to notify the payroll office in order to update the same address in HRIS.

Tax Slip Status

The Central Payroll Services team is diligently working on the T4 / T4A slips production. The delivery date is scheduled for the last week of February, so stay tuned!