February & March 2016: Payroll Pointers

Re: For your information: When tax slips will be mailed and available online

Please note that 2015 tax slips will be:

  • Delivered on Tuesday, February 23, 2016; and,
  • Available on Employee Self-Service for active appointed / non-appointed staff starting Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

New: starting 2016, our non-appointed employees will also have access to electronic T4/T4A slips through Employee Self-Service (ESS).

This message has been posted to the news section of the Human Resources & Equity site and also appeared in the Bulletin.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the team at payroll.hr@utoronto.ca.

Protect your Personal Information

Please be advised that the University of Toronto does not send out unsolicited emails to employees with a link asking you to divulge or view personal or financial information.

This information is available to individual employees through the secure online service:Employee Self-Service (ESS).